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 I really love Limbo and Levi and thought it would be cool to do a Shingeki no Kyojin crossover with it. That is not titan!eren’s foot to the right 

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color palette #8 kawoshin for fanceli!

:3c Ok actually there is no good way to describe the significance of this picture without it sounding freudian in some form or fashion

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First thing’s first, I’m the Shinjiest.


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inspired by this based on this poem.

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important children

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noahthehuman replied to your post: im a bit on an idiotic genius haha yea…

kayla double0strider has a ring to it tho

i know that’s the problem. like I really like this url but im not really that into homestuck anymore and it’s not like I have a homestuck blog

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Anonymous inquired,
I 100% relate to the idiotic genius thing
double0strider answered,

my friend described me as “one of the most spastic idiotic smart people I have ever met”

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zupakid replied to your post: im a bit on an idiotic genius haha yea…

You could be idiotLink? Because your icon is Link?

i just dont wanna be associated with a certain fandom because im crazy multifandom and I want to be able to keep a url even if I fall out of a fandom because I hate changing my url haha ~_~’

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